The first examination in LibreOffice took place in Greece.



We are proud to announce to the LibreOffice community that the first examination in LibreOffice which leads to a recognized certification by the Greek State took place in Greece.

On July 10th 2013 the first examination during which the candidates were examined in the free office suite LibreOffice took place in Greece. As far as we know, this was the first LibreOffice examination worldwide. The examination led to the certification DIPLOMA BUSINESS OFFICE Certificate by certification body DIPLOMA (

Why is this examination in LibreOffice different from all the others?

  1. The candidates were examined at the same time in three applications.
    In other examination procedures, the candidates are examined in one application each time (e.g. just writer).

  2. The candidates were examined in scenario-based exercises.
    Scenario-based exercises require for the candidate to be able to use 2 or 3 applications at the same time, and not just answer mechanically to simple questions on one application.

  3. The candidates were examined in perception questions.



Sample Questions
(scenario-based and perception)

Scenario based question: The candidate needs to: sort a list of data in calc, go to the writer application and select the calc document as an address list, import the appropriate fields and then complete the mail merge process.

Perception question: the candidate is given the first table and is required to format it so that it looks like the latter.

In the next few days we will upload a demo version of the software TEST4U (, which will allow you to use the only automated tool that works in LibreOffice

The Certification Body DIPLOMA is the only recognized by the Greek State certification body which conducts examinations in the free office suite LibreOffice. The syllabus for the certificate DIPLOMA BUSINESS OFFICE has been approved by the Greek State, aims at end users and refers to the basic use of the applications.

The examination took place in the Authorized Testing Center "LITERAE" located in Thessaloniki.


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